Junpei Kawamoto received a Ph.D. degree in informatics from Kyoto University in 2012, under the supervision of Prof. Masatoshi Yoshikawa. He is an experienced researcher in the fields of data mining, security, and privacy for cloud computing environments. He has introduced a notion of privacy for social information and peoples’ relationships, and won the best paper award in the IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management 2011. After joining Kyushu University as an assistant professor in 2013, his research area broadened to include network security, cryptography, cryptocurrency, and cyberbullying. He has published more than 30 papers across various research areas.

Simultaneously, he is an experienced programmer. He has not only implemented many academic algorithms but also contributed to numerous open source communities. He was highlighted as one of 31 young software developers to watch in 2007 by Japan’s Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA). His various original software projects are used by students and researchers in several universities.




Cloud Computing

  • roadie: A easy way to run your programs on Google Cloud Platform
  • roadie-gcp: A helper container to execute a program on Google Cloud Platform
  • ambassadors: Yet another Ambassador pattern over SSH

Data mining

Security & Privacy

  • psi: Privacy preserving stream integration system.
  • psi-dlpa: An implementation of Distributed Laplace Perturbation Algorithm.
  • cgss: Cross-group secret sharing scheme and its application.
  • sss: A simple implementation of Shamir’s Secret Sharing.

Open Data & Linked Data


  • fplug-logger: Continuously reporting data from Fujitsu’s F-Plug


  • dsargparse: docstring based argparse
  • fgo: Build, upload, and create brew formula for golang application.
  • loci: Testing remote CI scripts locally
  • gii: Set repositories which doesn’t belong golang project to .goimportsignore.

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